16 Feb 2023

The Commissioner for Standards in Public Life features in a document entitled Handbook of Good Practices in the Fight Against Corruption, which has been published by the European Commission.

The handbook covers measures taken by European Union member states to curb corruption, improve transparency, avoid conflicts of interest, or strengthen ethical standards in public life. The aim of the handbook is to inspire similar initiatives in other countries. The Maltese case in the handbook concerns the enforcement of integrity standards by the Commissioner for Standards.

The Commissioner for Standards also features as one of eight cases that are highlighted in the executive summary of the handbook as being particularly innovative and impactful. The executive summary describes the Commissioner’s work as “a rare example of credible investigation and punishment of high-level public officials in breach of ethics”.

The handbook is available from https://op.europa.eu/en/publication-detail/-/publication/df1a5278-ac18-11ed-b508-01aa75ed71a1.