Freedom of information

Freedom of information

This notice is for the purposes of article 17(1) of the Freedom of Information Act (chapter 496 of the laws of Malta).

Structure, functions and responsibilities

The Commissioner for Standards in Public Life is served by a small office headed by a Director General.

The functions and responsibilities of the Commissioner derive from the Standards in Public Life Act (chapter 570 of the laws of Malta) and are described in the page of this website that deals with the role of the Commissioner.

Documents on the basis of which decisions or recommendations are made

Decisions and recommendations by the Commissioner are made on the basis of the Standards in Public Life Act.

General description of the categories of documents held by this office

The office of the Commissioner keeps documents relating to complaints received and investigations undertaken. The Commissioner’s office also keeps documents relating to internal administration and personnel management. The office issues case reports and annual reports, and it may also publish other documents from time to time.

Requests for access to information

Any freedom of information requests relating to documents held by the office of the Commissioner should be addressed to the Director General using the contact details in the contact us page of this website. Requests can be made by email or by means of a letter.