19 Dec 2019

The Commissioner for Standards in Public Life, Dr George Hyzler, has reacted to a statement issued by Alternattiva Demokratika following a meeting held today at Alternattiva Demokratika’s request on the issue of lobbying.

During this meeting the Commissioner informed the delegation from Alternattiva Demokratika that his office was in the process of finalising proposals to regulate lobbying and discussed various aspects related thereto. The Commissioner also stated that his office was also finalising proposals for revised codes of ethics for ministers and members of Parliament.

Proposals on all these subjects will be issued by the end of January 2020 for public consultation.

This statement is being made in order to correct the impression given in the statement by Alternattiva Demokratika that “To date there is no indication that currently any initiative on lobbying regulation is in the pipeline.”

In fact the Commissioner’s work in this area has already been reported on by the media.